Work With Us



Truth, Love and Beauty.



We offer this through:

  • The joy of service and the medium of clothing and creative spirit.
  • And by inspiring our team to hold and impart positive energy in all their interactions. Our goal is that Godess is the heart of Budgewoi and that the love we share and have is always grounded in the intention of uplifting humanity.
Over the next coming year we want to move towards introducing ranges that have a focus and intention of organic fibres and conscious fashion. Including the impacts on the environments, the hands and livelihoods of those who make them, and finally the women that wear them.
We call on you have been in the service of others in the retail clothing world. And are aligned with taking beauty, art and creativity to new levels of cohesion, unity & inspiration to promote self improvement.
The Positions
  • We have 2 casual position available. Approx 15-25 hours. Weekends included.
  • 3-5 years of current fashion retail experience.
  • 1 of these positions require a dedicated role of promoting Godess on all our Social Media Channels and the managing of the online store.
  • Knowledge and experience of using Shopify in all aspects including both online store management, POS management, stock management, and customer experience.
  • Ability to serve every woman's individual beauty and to inspire them to be all they are on every level.
  • To listen and reach people to enable them to move through the energies holding them back from imparting their gifts.
For both of these position, please DM a quick introduction of yourself video via instagram.
We would love for you to share you with us, why working on the Godess team appeals to you. And we would also love to know what passions in life have shaped who you are. And what aspirations you have for the future.

Click on this pic, to DM Ruth straight away.