SURVIVE & THRIVE - Godess's Action Plan During the COVID19 Period

Godess remains open for trade both online, and in our retail store located in Budgewoi next door to Coles.

We recognise that many clothing stores on the Central Coast have made the personal choice to close their shop fronts due to COVID19. However I have chosen to keep the doors to my boutique open at the time being.

Of course, this may change in the future, even tomorrow, if by the directions of both the Federal Government and State Government. Which we monitor every day. And so as to be transparent to all our Godess's that visit us and all the public that pass by, I have included below our COVID19 Action Plan.

  • We have implemented a maximum of 4 people only (including staff) within the store at any time. The regulation for retail spaces is 1 person per 4 metres square (NSW Govt, 2020 Part 5 – 8.1.c). Our store space exceeds 16m2, however we have chosen to minimise to indoor capacity, to ensure customer safety. (Essential Gathering – Retail Spaces Schedule 2.10)
  • We have moved many of our clothing racks outside, and this has allowed the customers who do not feel comfortable entering to still shop for clothing if they need to and choose too. One lady today even shopped only outside, and requested items she could see through the window, and then we bought the eftpos machine to her.
  • All racks, including the 4 sale racks in the laneway, are distanced from the other by 1.5 metres to allow 1 person to be looking at a rack at a time.
  • We have many cans of Glen20 at the moment, and purchase more whenever we can to spray over all the racks and coat hangers through out the day. And also any clothing customers do try on if not purchasing.
  • Hand sanitiser is available to all customers to use freely and liberally. Many of the public, including one mother and daughter this afternoon, carried their own also and applied before looking at clothing and after. We would love to see more of this by everyone. This is a practice I use even when leaving the house for my essential shopping.
  • The POS, eftpos and phone is wiped over with sanitiser on a tissue before and after use. And hand soap is supplied at our back sink for our staff.
  • This is all subject to change again given any future instructions to do so. But at the moment our action plan is based on the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 [NSW] March 30th The link I provided below.

I know it is a lot of information I’m sharing, but I feel its important to share all our practices and daily updates when asked. So please feel free to reach out to us via phone, email or either of our social channels, if you would like to share your concerns.

I do ask though, that all engagements are respectful and done so politely. Our entire team do understand the importance of staying home whenever at all possible. However it is essential to all of us personally and for our families that we do continue to work, as we all still need to meet financial obligations. We are all facing the same struggles as the majority of many small business, families and individuals.

xx With love, health, & prosperity xx


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